Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Iran

Bill Broad and David Sanger come to the latest document party a day late. They say out what has been implicit in earlier articles.
Intelligence officials say they have yet to authenticate the document...
Well, that's a pretty big hurdle.
Diplomats raised the possibility that the publication of the memo on The Times of London Web site late Sunday could be part of an effort to raise international alarm over Iran’s intentions or progress in developing nuclear weapons capacity.
Ya think?
“This information’s been sloshing around for well over a year,” said one American official, who insisted on anonymity because he was discussing sensitive intelligence information. “It’s not new to the intelligence people. They’ve taken account of it. If, in fact, the document’s on the level, it shows the Iranians at some point were interested in testing an initiator. That’s not a warhead or the core of a bomb. It’s another reminder — as if one were needed — that the Iranians have a lot of explaining to do when it comes to things nuclear.”
And so Iran tests another missile to let us all know what they think of such document-rattling. Which is really dumb. If indeed the purpose of the leak was to disrupt the talks, Iran's responding in this way just adds to the case against them.

And another of Iran's nuclear negotiating team has resigned. (h/t to Steve) Very likely an indication of the infighting within Iran.

Back in the US, the House has passed the "draconian sanctions" bill, but some are showing better sense.

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