Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Creed

I'm going to make "antitheologist" my new answer to requests for "faith" or "religious affiliation" on forms and such. My faith, my creed, is that I do not need to suppose supernaturality to explain what I experience or anything else that happens, has happened, will happen or could happen. Whereas theologists devise and discuss explanations in terms of "God," "soul" and "spirituality," I decline to do that, in other words. In fact, I consider it a waste of time and tax dollars, now you ask. Peace!


helmut said...

Or maybe anti-theist? "Anti-theologist" seems you're against those who study theology. I, for one, am really relieved that there are still theologians in an age of increasingly medieval Christianism (and I mean that epistemologically). And a theologian need not necessarily be a supernaturalist.

MT said...

"And a theologian need not necessarily be a supernaturalist."

I don't think so, unless you mean it just in the sense of researching and publishing on religious texts. I would never call myself anti-theologian. I'm sure there are some very nice theologians out there. I think I'm using my chosen word totally in conformance with the way Catholic scholars use it, albeit as a slur.

MT said...

Googling tells me you're right about the "against the study of theology" sense of the word, and that this may be the most common sense in these benighted times. Buy here's an old incidence that seems to conform with my meaning, and anyway nothing's catchy that isn't a little unconventional.