Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yesterday's Birdcam Photos

I would very much like to get some photos, up close, of the birds on the ground. There are two problems with this: the tripod lifts the camera too high, and the birds aren't accustomed to the camera. They seem to be getting accustomed to the camera in the trees, or don't mind it if it's a bit camouflaged. So I'll try it in yesterday's position again today.

The height problem is harder to solve. I've done it partway by using the natural slope of the yard, but it might be better to find a way to set the camera on the ground without using the tripod. In any case, here's yesterday's full record.

Scrub jays like bread.

And a brave (but shadowed) junco.

Not close enough. I have an idea, though...

It's cloudy to the south, and clear to the north. Different weather on two sides of the house, as so often happens.

I'm not going to bore the blog with continued birdcam. Just thought you might like to see how yesterday's placement turned out.

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Peter said...

Mirrors - like an upside down periscope - might work to get that 'closer to the ground' shot