Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Bits and Pieces - Smoke Edition

First the political kind:

Wall Street is trying to see through the Republicans' smoke about national debt default.

Only brown people commit terrorism. H/T to emptywheel.

And now the literal kind, the kind that is obscuring the mountains and stinking the place up. Last night, all of a sudden as I was contemplating opening the doors and windows to cool off the house, it settled in so thick I could hardly see a couple of blocks. It's from the fires, particularly the Wallow Fire, in Arizona, which has gobbled up more than 300,000 acres of ponderosa forest and is completely out of control.

National Weather Service Smoke Forecast for Albuquerque. Note that Santa Fe is under the smoke, too.

NOAA satellite photos.

Discovery News satellite photos with burned areas indicated.

National Weather Service Air Quality Guidance for Southern Rocky Mountains. Set the Guidance Element to "1Hr Average Vertical Smoke Integration" and hit the play button.

Tips of the hat to several Facebook friends for the smoke links.

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