Friday, February 17, 2012

It's the ACA They're Trying to Abort

I think we have to be clear about the goals of all those men wanting to shove things into women's vaginas.

Kay at Balloon Juice gets it right: it's the ACA they want to gut. And, of course, shame the sluts. Presumably this is as good as those little blue pills.

I'd add that they're also spoiling to send some of these state laws against women's health sent up to the Supreme Court, because they're convinced that they've finally got a bunch of men up there who will vote to keep women barefoot and pregnant.

But, that said, I think that the best tactic may be to laugh at them. That blue-pill problem? Yes, there are terrible side effects possible from those correctives for erectile dysfunction, realer even than those propagandized by those wanting to shove stuff into women's vaginas. So we'll protect the poor dears from their unslakable desires by making sure they are properly medically cared for: a rectal exam and a cardiac stress test before any meds for erectile dysfunction can be performed.

Or that ancient funny that Rick Sanctorum's sugar daddy let loose yesterday: an aspirin between the knees, haha. Dr. Rubidium shows us how that works.

It's beyond stupid, but these male fanatics are out there, determined that every sperm reach its God-determined goal. And that women be confined to kinder, kirche, kuche.

And, ultimately, destroy the prospect of reasonable healthcare for everyone. Two birds with one stone!


troutsky said...

Monty Python tried the laugh thing with their brilliant Every Sperm is Sacred but this approach assumes a certain level of rationality. And self-awareness.

These people are like that scalp condition you thought you got rid of years ago. They languish in a sort of larval stage for years only to re-emerge in the same cheap suits.

ps do you get a lot of robot traffic?

Cheryl Rofer said...

I don't know how to count robot traffic. Everyone seems to have it, with, for example, search engine crawlers, and what would we do without them to bring some order to this Internet?

Blogger protects Phronesisaical from the worst that bots have to offer, like the girly pictures with funny names on the Twitter machine and links that I don't click on.