Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Day After

We were all adrenalined up waiting for the storm yesterday, but today it's just a deep sadness and the heavy feeling of much to be done.

Here in Santa Fe, it's been nonstop sun for a very long time. That's been broken a little by smoke from controlled burns in the Jemez Mountains, where the Forest Service is hoping to head off the burning of everything that's left after the Cerro Grande and Las Conchas fires. But I once lived in New Jersey and experienced many hurricanes, with trees down and power out. Sandy was worse.

I've had my own little upset - broken hot water heater - to share some inconvenience. But my heart goes out to everyone who is waking up to flood and fire damage, injuries, and the death of loved ones.

The New York Times is putting storm coverage outside its subscription wall, and The Record (Bergen Evening Record when I lived there) is also making its electronic edition available. I see that there was some flooding in Rochelle Park; I'll bet it was where my family lived through a flood once.

Today the assessment will begin: the subways in New York City, the bridges to and from, the trees and power lines down everywhere, coming back to evacuated homes, some of which won't be there.

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