Tuesday, October 30, 2012

And Now a Political Announcement

So the election is now just a week away. Some of us have voted already. New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire don't have early voting. Perhaps they'll reconsider that in their next legislative sessions. County clerks' offices are going to be scrambling, but if they're like the organization in Santa Fe County, they'll do fine.

Mitt Romney has finally figured out that silence can be his friend, and we haven't heard from him...yet. I'm sure that his campaign will be able to find something they can blame President Obama for. Maybe something happened in one of the communities from which those convoys of utility trucks headed toward the northeast. Or perhaps he will see nothing really awry, since Goldman Sachs seems to have come through with generator and sandbags intact, and those rumors that the trading floor of the stock exchange was flooded turned out not to be true.

But, of course, he did say something earlier, the usual endorsement of states and private action. I really am looking forward to Florida's and Nevada's launch of weather satellites, or maybe it'll be Bain itself, when the satellites that tracked Sandy go down.

The New York Times recognizes that a storm like Sandy requires a coordinated national effort by an organization that isn't interested in its own profit. Mitt Romney is playing to that testosterone/adrenaline-fueled fantasy that accompanies the rising music of a superhero flick. Yes, it's fun. But when you come out of the theater, there still are meals to be cooked, trees to be removed from the road, power plants to be maintained, cars to be built, and families to be raised.

The greatest generation speaks. (I couldn't figure out how to embed the video.)

Update: Looks like Romney will too.

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