Friday, November 02, 2012

Bits and Pieces - November 2, 2012

Pretty much all political today.

Matt Romney, Mitt's son, goes to Russia to make money and to deliver a message to President Putin that his father would be more flexible after the election, if he's elected.

Was voting for Romney rigged in the primaries? If these analyses are correct, something funny was going on.

Two big, and rather good, articles from CNN. They do suffer from the compulsive journalistic need to cite both sides.
Parallels to country's racist past haunt age of Obama
The Gospel according to Obama

The second of those has problems going beyond the headline. It's entirely possible that reporters born in or after the sixties have no knowledge of the theological ferment of that time. Liberal and liberation theology, Pope John XXIII, biblical criticism. The intellectual and philosophical arguments of that age seem to have been swept aside by megachurches and born-againness, the latter quoted in the article as if they had some standing in those areas. Note to religion reporters: Barack Obama's references to Reinhold Neibuhr mean something. Read up on that person and some of those who extended his work. The fifties and sixties are the time to look at. Other keywords for search are in this paragraph.

What God has to say about it.

The long con: Mail-order conservatism.

Another of those free-market things that hasn't worked out so well: The Valles Caldera National Preserve.

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