Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bits and Pieces - Almost New Year's Eve Edition

Los Alamos National Laboratory studies how trees die. I think this project grows out of some of the ecological research I was somewhat involved with. It turned out that the pinyon and juniper trees killed grass and increased erosion.

Idle No More looks like a movement to watch.

Noam Chomsky on work, education, and freedom. I worry about kids being overscheduled, too. When you're on your own, you get yourself into situations that require quick thinking.

The Associated Press and New York Times glibly say, "In Gun Debate, Two Sides Speak Different Languages." I think they're wrong. I think the two sides disagree. There are many things they disagree on, but it's essential not to give up before any disagreement can take place. Likewise, the argument that there are so many guns in the US that they never can be controlled declares action to be futile. We all are part of one country, and we need to agree on how to get along. I'd like to think that my right not to be shot is as strong as someone's right to have a gun.

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