Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bits and Pieces - January 14, 2014

Photoessay: La Belle Epoque: Paris, 1914.

I can't believe that professionals would do this kind of thing, but that's what I've always said about blatant gender discrimination.

The MSM figures out, a week after many bloggers did, that the hysteria over Fukushima might be worth responding to.

Frederick Dahl weighs in with his never-ending obsession with Iran's apparently suspended nuclear weapons program. We need to keep the possible military dimensions (PMD), in the IAEA nomenclature, in mind, but perhaps now is not the time for them? Dahl frames the article in terms of a missed opportunity, but it could equally be framed in terms of dealing with the immediate issue of enrichment and building trust before getting to the more difficult issue of PMD. South Africa took some time to come completely clean about its nuclear weapons program, and it had fully and voluntarily decided to give that program up.

When Ukraine gave up its nukes. It's the twentieth anniversary of Ukraine going nuke-free. (Brookings is doing a particularly annoying thing with its articles: As you get to the last few paragraphs, it slams a "Sign Up For Our Emails" popup across the screen. When you X it out, it returns you to the top of the story. So before you read this, scroll to the bottom and get rid of that popup. It seems to happen only once.)

Encryption has a long way to go. A (Very) Brief History Of Encryption Policy, by James Andrew Lewis.

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